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Machine Data Collection/Monitoring

Machine Data Collection

MDC/MM is a network based system that monitors the status (e.g. the start and stop of cycle, etc.) of machines and automatically records changes in their status. The premise of the system's design is that changes in machine status should be collected automatically by a central PC - and that user intervention should be limited to an absolute minimum. In addition to the status change, new production orders can be entered via barcode reader or handheld terminals.

Whenn a Network DNC system is used, the same adapter (SCD) can be used to gather digital signals from the machine's PLC and send them to the MDC/MM server program. DNC and MDC server can share the same computer or can be installed on different PCs. The MDC/MM server software updates automatically all client PCs with any change in status.

In a second step you can collect the production time and downtimes, e.g. by part# or order#, what makes MDC/MM to a perfect production data collection system (PDC).

All these data can be enterd by the operator on the machine, using a barcode reader or a handheld terminal.

Machine Monitoring

MDC/MM is also a machine-monitoring system that provides a maximum of information on machines and their productivity, with a minimum of effort. The system allows you to recognize bottlenecks and malfunctions quickly so that you can take remedial actions immediately.

Using MDC/MM, all authorized users can do the following work:

Production Data Collection


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